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Rates, Estimates, & Policies

Now you can get all your custom sewing, embroidery, and alterations done professionally. You can trust Donna Trumble to provide the finest workmanship at the best possible value. Her many years of experience, education, and skills are unsurpassed in Georgetown and the local area.

To better understand and anticipate rates and costs, here are a few definitions.

Policies - Due the the wide range of projects we do, pricing is based on a job by job basis with an initial estimate, adjustments based on project development, time, difficulty, and other factors.   We offer free estimates, but reserve the right to adjust pricing based on unforseen adjustments as needed.  All sales are final.  A few of the more typical rates are indicated below.

Projects over $100, require a initial deposit of 50%.  All payments are due upon completion and pick up.  Texas Sales Tax is charged as appropriate for Texas residents unless you have a Tax Exempt Certificate on File with us.

Materials may be purchased in advance for use in a project, however, we reserve the right to approve such materials.  The quality and suitability of materials is a significant consideration in every project.  Occasionally, materials are presented that are flawed, poorly made, unsuitable, or otherwise unacceptable. We will work with each customer to insure that the final product is just right.  At the discretion of the client, we will assist the customer in selecting the right materials or acquire such materials for the client.  A shopping fee will be added for such extended services.

In Home Services - Upon request, I will conduct in home fittings, deliveries, and/or consultations.  The in home trip fee is $25 (plus $.50 per mile outside of Georgetown). This includes the first 20 minutes of in  home consultation.   Additional consultation will be charged at $30.00 per hour. 

Custom Design  - When the designer originates or develops a project based on an idea or concept it is called custom design. For example, a customer came with a twelve inch doll representing a Revolutionary War General. He wanted a complete uniform to be used in a reinactment of a battle led by General Pulaski. The concept was researched, fabrics selected, and the uniform produced. This is the same kind of project that is used repeatedly by Hollywood designers who charge thousands of dollars just for the design work.  Generally, projects that are designed from scratch are very time consuming and one of a kind product. This does raise their value considerably.

Custom Sewing- When a specific project is based on a specific pattern or stock pattern, the production is called Custom Sewing.  Typically, Custom Sewing will include Custom Fitting.  Custom sewing is not a way to save money over purchasing ready to wear garments.  Due to the specific personalized production inherint in custom services, the costs are typically more expensive that ready to wear.  However, the quality of the garment, materials, and fit are usually far superior to ready to wear garments.

Custom Fitting - When a garment is desired based on a predetermined pattern, the Seamstress uses the pattern as a guide to produce the item. Like most off the rack garments, ones produced solely based on pattern, seldom fit just right. It is here that the professional seamstress, alters the project using the measurements and physical features of the client to produce a custom fit or an item designed specifically to fit the client. This is a highly specialized skill that few sewers have today, but you can depent of the expert custom fitting by this professional.

Alterations - When a customer brings a project that is already assembled, they may require a wide range of adjustments to make the item suitable to the needs of the customer. In simple terms, Alterations involves custom fitting of an already completed item. Alterations may include hems, enlargiements or reductions, repairs, or other adjustments. The skill level for professional alterations beyond simple hems is huge, but again you can depend on the expert professional services here.
                   Pants Hems                           $15.00 & Up
                   Jeans Hems                           $15.00 & Up
                   Pants With Cuff                      $15.00 & Up
                   Skirt Hems                             $15.00 & Up
                   Formals                                 $50.00 & Up

Monograms - Embroidery consisting of lettering is called a Monogram. There are hundreds of Fonts, Styles, and Motif designs available. We have all the professional equipment and software to layout and produce the highest quality Monograms. Monograms are some times limited to initials set up in special formats, which the customer is welcome to select exactly the look they prefer.
                  1" to 2" Lettering -- $2.00 per letter.
                2" to 3" Lettering -- $3.00 per letter.
                Larger than 3" Lettering -- $5.00 per letter.
               Patch Lettering $3.50 per 1,000 stitches.

Embroidery - When motifs or images are created using thread, it is called Embroidery. There are virtually unlimited possibilities for Embroidered projects. Thousands of (licensed and stock) designs are available today to enhance any project. We are embroidery professionals with all the software required to produce fabulous logos, custom embroidery designs, and one of a kind creations. Embroidery projects often require extensive set up, custom design work, as well as production. Each of these considerations is included when offering estimates.
               Custom Embroidery Design (Including Logos) -- $40.00 Min. $30.00 Per Hour.
               Set Up Charge $20.00 to $40.00
               General Embroidery $3.50 per 1,000 Stitches.

Embellishment - When a project is enhanced with decorative applications, it is called embellishment. There are many ways to embellish projects including embroidery, lace, beeding, trim, and three dimensional applications.

Home Decor - Products produced to enhance the home are called Home Decor. These products include a wide range of items like pillows, throws, bedding, table runners, decorative items, placemats, chair covers, slip covers, wall hangings, window treatments, draperies, curtains, window seat pads, crib covers, baby bumper pads, etc.

Quilting - Quilting includes traditional quilt making, but is much broader. The concept of quilting is one of fastening multiple layers of fabric together with filler between. Quilting projects include wall hangings, table runners, chair covers, vests, jackets, coats, and whatever you can imagine. In ages past, quilting was done by hand, but all of our quilting work is done by machine. We believe it produces a better quality and more affordable product.

Sewing Instruction - For many years, we have taught sewing and quilting classes in our Sew And Quilt Stores. If you are interested in learning to sew or have a special project need, please contact us. We will provide expert sewing guidance, instruction, and problem solving on a tutorial basis or if you have a group we can set up a class to fit your interest.

Estimate - An estimate is a targeted price or guestimate of the cost. Sometimes it is like a shot in the dark. More often it is a summary of estimates involved with each of the project steps added together. Costs of materials, supplies, and labor are considered. When a project is presented, we attempt to provide an estimate or guestimate of the expected pricing free of charge. Changes to the original project must include adjustments to the estimate. Unexpected expenses or circumstances must also be reflected in the final pricing.  Upon completion, the customer will be supplied a detailed summary of expenses as appropriate.


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